Office of Faculty Affairs

Hiring New Faculty Process


  • BEFORE POSTING THE POSITION – the department completes the left side of the Offer Planning (OPD) or Clinical Planning Document (CPD), routes it to the Chair, Dean and COO, and sends it to FA. FA will route it to the Provost for approval. Send the form to FA with the Budget approval and justification to open the position. Once FA receives OPD/CDP approved by the Provost, FA will send it to the department to post the position.
  • Post position (through UNT System)
  • Candidate interview and recommendations made by the Search Committee
  • The candidate selected and position closed (must be open for 5 business days before closing)
  • Log on to PeopleAdmin and mark the selected candidate as “Offer Recommended”/”Hiring Proposal”
  • FA and the department admin will receive HR Faculty Recruitment Approval email notification
  • Send to FA the OPD/CPD (use the same form the Provost approved on the left side to post the position) –complete the right side and route it to the Chair, Dean, and COO); send to FA to request the Provost approval.  Once FA receives it approved by the Provost, FA will send it to the department to continue the hiring process.  (use the checklist as guidance)
  • The department sends the Draft Offer Letter to FA for review and approval, along with the candidate’s CV and the Appointment Request Memo (signed by the Chari and the Dean). Once FA receives the draft letter approval, it will notify the department admin to route it.
  • The department sends to the candidate: Offer Letter, Primary Language Attestation, Criminal History Check (CHC), and Drug Screen consent (DSC) forms. Once receive them back, send to FA the offer letter and language attestation, and send them to HREmployment, the CHC, and DSC.
  • Offer accepted by the candidate (pre-hire process begins – HRS coordinates pre-hire drug screen with the candidate).
  • Background check and drug screen satisfactorily completed by the candidate and approved by HRS
  • All faculty candidates must request official transcripts from terminal degree university register, including doctoral and master’s level if relevant to teaching. Copies of transcripts or transcripts issued to students cannot be accepted. If received in the department, do not open – send it to FA. Official Transcripts should be sent directly from Registrar’s Office to: UNT Health Science Center, 3500 Camp Bowie Blvd, Ft. Worth, TX 76107. Attn: Office of Faculty Affairs — Electronic transcripts should be sent directly from Registrar to



Credentialing process will be going on at the same time you are gathering the contents for the Initial Faculty Appointment Packet.

  • Clinical: contact Health Care Quality & Risk Management



Department Admin sends to faculty candidate first, department chair signs second. Send to Faculty Affairs. All other signatures will be obtained when the packet is routed for final approval.



Please follow the procedures for Initial Appointment by using the most current Forms on the Faculty Affairs website.


The complete Appointment Packet should include:

  • Initial Appointment Packet Checklist
  • Offer Planning Document or Clinical Planning Document
  • HR Faculty Recruitment Approval
  • Appointment Request Memo from Department Chair to Dean
  • Offer Letter
  • CV
  • Pre-employment screening approval from HR
  • Language Attestation
  • Clinical Credential Approval from QM or Original Transcripts
  • Contract
  • Onboarding notification from HR


When Appointment Packet is complete:

  • Faculty Affairs prepares Appointment Letter and routes Appointment Packet, and Contract via DocuSign to Dean and Provost for approval
  • Faculty Member signs the Appointment Letter and returns to Faculty Affairs
  • Hiring department receives Appointment Letter and copy of the Contract
  • Copy of Appointment Letter is sent to HRS by Faculty Affairs
  • HRS matches Appointment Letter to ePAR and position and enters into EIS for Payroll