North Texas Eye Research Institute

Whole Health

22 Unthsc 19058 Hsc Whole Health Graphic F6Whole Health & HSC:

Whole health considers all dimensions of a person. It empowers people to discover, receive and participate in care for their body, mind, spirit and environment within and through their communities. A whole health approach allows patients to be the drivers of their health and well-being, and live healthier lives. The whole health model will be taught and practiced at HSC and brought into the DFW community. Students will learn how to ask patients questions that drive meaning for each person’s health care journey and collaborate with all disciplines to address health care disparities. Faculty and staff will teach whole health and continue to use a collaborative approach in clinical settings, as well as pursue research opportunities to advance whole health. The model incorporates a person’s community, spiritual life, physical well-being, self-care, mental health, environment and financial health to support initiatives that improve health and wellness for all. For more information, visit


Whole Health & Eye Research:

Every year, millions of people suffer from some visual impairment or even blindness that significantly impedes their lifestyle and time with loved ones. Medical and scientific advancements are leading us toward the concept of integrative medicine and whole health. This is a step above eye care and even above general medical care. The principles of whole health in ophthalmology and eye care, naturally, dictate eye research direction(s) and focus. This modern approach integrates the knowledge we gain from our communities and the clinics, and tests the limits of scientific discovery, challenges researchers everywhere, and ultimately leads to greater scientific and interdisciplinary contributions and advancements.

Whole Health & NTERI:

The students, trainees, staff and faculty at NTERI are embarking on this life-changing initiative of whole health with a very simple goal: To develop and practice an interprofessional, team-based approach anchored in trusted relationships to promote scientific discoveries and well-being, prevent disease and restore vision.