Abbot Clark PhD

Lab Mission

To discover the cellular and molecular pathogenic pathways in ocular diseases, particularly glaucoma, in order to develop new disease modifying therapies.

Self Introduction

Abe joined UNTHSC 8 years ago after a two decade career at Alcon Laboratories, where he retired as Vice President of Discovery Research and Head of Glaucoma Research. Dr. Clark is Professor and Executive Director of the North Texas Eye Research Institute (NTERI). Abe received his PhD at Case Western Research University and did his postdoctoral fellowship at U. Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Clark has trained 20 graduate students and 6 postdoctoral fellows. He has published 200 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, 16 book chapters, edited 2 books, and is an inventor on 80 patents. He has given 115 invited national and international lectures. His research laboratory is funded by grants from the National Eye Institute, Department of Defense, as well as private industry. Dr. Clark is a fellow of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) and is a member of the international Society of Glaucoma Research. He currently is on the editorial boards of Molecular Neurodegeneration, Experimental Eye Research, Molecular Vision, and the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology & Therapeutics.


  • Developing and characterizing cellular, organ culture, and mouse models of glaucoma (including trabecular meshwork, optic nerve head, optic nerve, and visual centers of the brain)
  • Determining the role of glucocorticoids in ocular hypertension and glaucoma
  • Discovering the molecular pathways involved in glaucoma related genes Myocilin, TGFb2, SFRP1, and Gremlin leading to the development of novel disease modifying therapies
  • Discovering retinal neurodegeneration pathways and new neuroprotection therapeutic strategies
  • Community vision screening projects, including an internal program for vision screening of the elderly Hispanic population (HABLE)

ONH AFC Mouse TM 20x b Silverman_IR_Retina GFAP_ONH RGC Mito

Lab Personnel

Close collaborations with NTERI faculty members

  • Yang Liu
  • Weiming Mao
  • Colleen McDowell
  • Cameron Millar
  • Iok-Hou Pang
  • Tara Tovar-Vidales
  • Gulab Zode

Lab Staff Staff

  • Marcy Butler
  • Tricia Foster
  • Sherri Harris
  • Sandra Maansson

Graduate students in Lab:

  • Jaclyn Bermudez
  • Steffi Daniel
  • Humberto Hernandez
  • Avani Mody
  • Michela Montecchi-Palmer
  • Gaurang Patel
  • Urnimala Raychoudhury
  • Hannah Webber


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