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Down syndrome (DS) is a common chromosomal disorder that results from the triplication of chromosome 21. Comorbid medical conditions frequently occur among individuals with DS; however, ophthalmic disorders such as keratoconus occurs 6 times more often among this population as compared to the general population. Keratoconus is a known multifactorial, progressive, degenerative disease of the cornea; however, the etiology of the disease remains unclear. The ongoing study aims to determine and validate the role of gonadotropins in the DS population with the keratoconus co-morbidity with the long-term goal to better understand the underlying mechanisms that result in increased risk for ocular co-morbidities such as keratoconus among this population. We aim to include ~90 participants with DS and/or keratoconus, who will donate biological fluids for analysis. If successful, data obtained from this study could help facilitate the development of a screening tool for detecting individuals with DS who are at risk for development of keratoconus, with the goal of defining potential enrollment into clinical trials. The study is spearheaded by Drs. Karamichos and Petersen (UNTHSC).

Vision Screening for Kids

NTERI faculty members and students will perform vision screening for kids at Dallas South Fork Ranch on 10/9/2016 and at TCU on 10/15/2016.

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Congratulations to Dr. Dorota Stankowska for receiving her research grant “Neuroprotective targets of transcription factor Brn3b” from Fight for Sight foundation!

Congratulations to Urmimala Raychaudhuri who won the 2016 MIT Outstanding Poster Award Competition !

NTERI awardees at The 2016 Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences’ Annual Awards Banquet. Congratulations!


 Hannah at Banquet 2016 Jaclyn at banquet 2016

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