SHP Alumni Highlight: Logan Emery, DPT

Logan Emery headshot. He's wearing a white and blue shirt.Logan Emery, DPT, graduated from The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth’s Department of Physical Therapy in 2023. He is currently immersed in a sports physical therapy residency at Children’s Health Andrews Institute. The experience has been transformative, allowing him to hone his skills and knowledge in youth sports rehabilitation. The year-long program provides a dynamic environment where each day brings new challenges and opportunities to collaborate with athletic teams and mentors.

Through his residency, Emery spends several hours a day in the athletic training rooms of Prosper High School and the FC Dallas Academy Program, collaborating closely with athletic training staff to ensure optimal care for young athletes. His schedule also includes weekly mentorship sessions and didactic learning, crucial for continuous professional development in sports physical therapy.

Emery credits HSC’s physical therapy program for laying a solid foundation for his career.

“The program equipped me not only with essential skills but also ignited my passion for sports physical therapy,” Emery said.

While immensely rewarding, Emery said a residency comes with its challenges. Between clinic hours, continuing education, and on-field sports coverage at local events, the schedule is rigorous. Yet, Emery finds immeasurable reward in the wealth of knowledge gained and the connections forged within the tight-knit community of sports PT professionals.

“Connections are crucial in this field,” Emery said.

Emery encourages aspiring sports PT professionals to actively seek opportunities within sports clinics, performance gyms, and alongside orthopedic physicians to broaden their knowledge and network.

Reflecting on his PT journey thus far, Emery advises their younger self—and others embarking on similar paths—to follow their passion unwaveringly. “Find what you love and pursue it as a career,” they counsel, drawing from personal experience.

Emery also emphasizes the importance of maintaining connections with peers, professors and alumni. “They form your support network,” Emery points out, highlighting the shared commitment to success within the PT community.

Looking ahead, Emery remains dedicated to advancing his skills and contributing to the field of sports physical therapy. He urges fellow professionals to nurture connections and embrace every opportunity for growth and collaboration.

As Emery continues their residency, their journey serves as an inspiration—an example of perseverance, passion, and commitment in sports rehabilitation. Their dedication underscores the transformative impact of pursuing one’s true calling in the healthcare profession.

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