Pharmacy student finds universal language through magic

By Arnessa Blanks, Communications Intern 

Fourth-year pharmacy student, Rohit Sampat, never thought his love of magic would help him in his pursuit to become a pharmacist. 

Sampat says preparing for magic shows and interacting with different people has helped him tremendously as he prepares to enter the pharmacy industry. Who knew these two worlds could collide? 

“Magic in some ways has no boundaries; even people who do not speak my language can understand what is going on when I perform a trick,” he said. “Similarly, when I am a pharmacist, I will continue to interact with people of different backgrounds.” 

HSC College of Pharmacy’s Work Life Journey Task Force recently hosted a monthly social for faculty and staff featuring a performance by Sampat. 

He made objects like coins, and cards disappear and reappear, read the audiences minds and had them read his, and he blew them away with his magic…virtually. It’s like he reached through the screen and pulled them in. 

One minute, all the cards were on the screen, then magically appeared in living rooms, in sofas, and under desks.  

Science was the magic charm

Sampat studied biochemistry at Trinity University in San Antonio where students received hands-on experience and research opportunities. 

“These research opportunities allowed me to see how the information that I was learning in class was being used to figure out solutions to scientific problems that humans work to solve every day,” Sampat said.  

After Sampat graduated from Trinity, he wanted to explore the science industry a bit more before continuing his studies to see what he could do outside of research. He took a year off to work in pharmacy and realized he really liked the dynamics of a pharmacist’s job in the community setting and decided to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy 

He has completed rotations in medication therapy management, community pharmacy, and inpatient therapy. He enjoyed all three rotations. 

“I am still keeping an open mind and continuing to explore all the different fields of pharmacy during my rotations before I settle on what exactly I hope to do,” he said. 

In the meantime, he continues to perform magic for fun and enjoys finding different ways to connect with his audiences around the world.

Watch his virtual magic show:

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