HSC students, faculty, and staff share personal stories as part of people-focused campaign

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By Diane Smith-Pinckney

Dr. Ella Kasanga, who earned a PhD in biomedical sciences, under the mentorship of Michael Salvatore, PhD, a Professor in the Department of Pharmacology & Neuroscience in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, is investigating the mechanisms associated with motor impairment in Parkinson’s Disease.

Emily Mire, Executive Director of Student and Academic Success at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth (HSC), oversees the Student Emergency Fund (SEF) which provides emergency financial assistance to enrolled students who are having temporary financial hardships due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances.  

HSC is working to raise funds to help more students as part of our 2021 People Campaign: “This is our Why. Our people. Our students. Our community.” The campaign highlights the work, mission, and purpose of students, faculty, and staff. 

“I’m a health educator who accidentally fell in love with Student Affairs over a decade ago,” Mire explained. “My hope is to help others find strength in their own voice and stability in being grounded in their truth, while always remembering that watching individuals do brave things will forever be one of the greatest privileges I have.” 

As part of the campaign, members of the HSC community will share why they are driven to help others through education, health care, research, and innovation. 

Dr. Kasanga and Mire are just two of the many incredible individuals that make up our HSC family. Their work and others will be highlighted throughout the campaign as we share stories of the work being done daily at HSC that is improving the lives of others and the health of our community.  

Funds raised through this campaign will directly impact our students by providing ongoing support for the HSC Student Food Pantry, our scholarship fund and our student emergency fund. Join the HSC community and share your why.  Donate today for a better tomorrow.  

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