HSC physicians named among Fort Worth’s Top Docs

Three female HSC Health doctors

Earlier this month, doctors at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth continued a long tradition of campus excellence with 26 of them named among the best doctors in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Magazine recognized the doctors in the outlet’s April issue.  Each year, the magazine invites area physicians to nominate their peers for its Top Doctor list. Medical professionals from across the Greater Fort Worth area then cast their votes for who they think represents the best in their field. The results are submitted to a select panel of physicians for review, and winners are announced.

For as long as the magazine has published its list, multiple doctors representing HSC Health, the university’s academic clinical practice, have been selected for this honor.

Jessica Rangel, executive vice president of HSC Health Systems, said she was especially proud that other physicians acknowledged the university’s doctors.

“I have immense gratitude to each one of these physicians for their dedication and commitment to excellence,” she said. “It’s really what HSC is all about. We serve others — and we don’t serve others just because it’s written on the walls.

“We’re serving others because it’s something that’s embedded deep in our souls as healers. It’s living the HSC values. I am beaming with pride to be a part of HSC, where so many of our providers are recognized for doing their amazing work.”

HSC’s primary and specialty care clinics are focused on improving health outcomes in the community by using a patient-centered approach. Patient-satisfaction surveys and studies have consistently shown this approach to whole health resonates with patients.

Dr. Priya Bui, chair of the HSC Department of Pediatrics and Women’s Health and a graduate of the HSC Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, was among the HSC doctors named on the list. She echoed Rangel’s pride.

“I am honored to be highlighted this year as a Top Doc,” she said. “To be chosen by peers as a pediatrician they recommend that others see is a wonderful acknowledgment.”

HSC Health is made up of 13 clinics with expert doctors who address a wide array of health issues.

Fort Worth Magazine’s Top Docs at HSC

  • James Aston, DO, Family Medicine, Osteopathic, Manipulative Medicine
  • Priya Bui, DO, Pediatrics
  • Michael Carletti, DO, Dermatology
  • Sandra Davis, MD, Psychiatry
  • Didi Ebert-Blackburn, DO, Family Medicine
  • Toyya Goodrich, DO, Pediatrics
  • Nusrath Habiba, MD, Pediatrics
  • Raheela Hafeez, MD, Pediatrics
  • Malinda Hansen, DO, Family Medicine, Osteopathic, Manipulative Medicine, Sports Medicine
  • Kendi Hensel, DO, PhD, Manipulative Medicine
  • Long Hoang, DO, Gastroenterology
  • Geoffrey Kline, DO, Cardiology
  • Janice Knebl, DO, MBA, Chief Medical Officer HSC Health, Geriatrics
  • Yein Lee, DO, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Performing Arts Medicine
  • Sarah Matches, DO, Pediatrics
  • Christopher Medina, DO, Osteopathic Manipulative, Medicine
  • Meaghan Nelsen, DO, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
  • John Orr, DO, Neurology
  • Dante Paredes, DO, Family Medicine, Osteopathic, Manipulative Medicine
  • Jay Roop, DO, Osteopathic Manipulative, Medicine
  • Katrina Roop, DO, Osteopathic Manipulative, Medicine
  • Sarah Ross, DO, Geriatrics
  • Ryan Seals, DO, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
  • Sajid Surve, DO, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Performing Arts Medicine
  • Monte Troutman, DO, Gastroenterology 
  • Stephen Wies, DO, Dermatology 

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