Goldman Scholar dreams of owning a pharmacy and helping the underserved

October 20, 2020

By Krista Roberts

Iman Zidan

Iman Zidan has big aspirations. Her ultimate goal is to own her own pharmacy to serve the less fortunate. “I continue to push myself everyday so that I am one step closer to successfully serving and giving back to my community as a future pharmacist,” she said

Growing up in Dallas, Zidan, who just began her first year of pharmacy school, was one of four siblings. She looked up to her mother, who worked diligently as a full-time teaching assistant while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in her off-time, taking eight years to become a math teacher. 

Through observing her efforts, I learned the value of education and wanted the same for myself,” she said. 

Her drive and determination has paid off as she was selected the recipient of the Carol and Ronnie Goldman Scholarship. 

The four-year scholarship will reduce the financial burden of pharmacy school, and she said it will allow her to explore her educational ambitions without bounds. 

Words cannot express how immensely grateful I am to have received such a prestigious scholarship award,” Zidan said. 

Zidan has encountered many obstacles, challenges, and setbacks but found they only helped her grow as an individual. 

My resilience and diligence have helped me get to where I am today,” she added. She said her 17 years of playing soccer taught her the lifelong skills of commitment and dedication.

Zidan, who comes from Palestinian and Mexican descent, said she was drawn to the diversity of the students and faculty at HSC College of Pharmacy. 

I wanted to attend a program that respected, embraced, and appreciated others’ differences as the ultimate goal is to come together to serve the community as dedicated pharmacists,” she said. I personally find power in collaborating with individuals of different physical abilities, religious beliefs, and cultural backgrounds.

As a self-motivated and self-driven individual determined to make a difference in society, Zidan is also interested in addressing healthcare gaps, especially among those with different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Knowing that I could work towards bridging these gaps and positively contribute to improving the U.S. healthcare system has only continued to interest me in this field (of pharmacy),” she added. 

Zidan sees this scholarship as a steppingstone to reach her dreams.  

Megan WeslingPharmD, who leads the College of Pharmacy Scholarship Committeesaid: “We are grateful to the Goldmans for their generous support of the college and our students. The committee had the arduous task of selecting among an outstanding group of applicants. However, we celebrate Iman as an exceptional recipient of the Carol and Ronnie Goldman Scholarship and look forward to watching her thrive at HSC College of Pharmacy and her future career in pharmacy.” 

Zidan graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas and also works as a pharmacy technician. 

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