Albert Yurvati, DO, gives new lease on life to teen suffering xiphoid process injury

October 22, 2013

Al Yurvati, DO

Breana Marin, 17, was afraid she’d never find anyone who could tell her why she hurt. For four years, she experienced pain in her chest that radiated to her back, neck and shoulders.  Her mother, Lorena, took her to several physicians, but none were able to diagnose the pain.

A few months later, Lorena started working at the UNT Health Science Center. While reading an issue of Solutions magazine, she came across an article about a teenager named Kylie Ducat who was helped by Albert Yurvati, DO, a surgeon with UNT Health. Lorena immediately realized her daughter and Kylie shared the exact symptoms. She made an appointment with Dr. Yurvati.

His diagnosis? Breana had suffered an injury to the xiphoid process at the base of her sternum. "It was the first thing I thought of," Dr. Yurvati said. "It was pressing on the sac enclosing her heart. That's why she couldn't breathe and why it was so painful

“UNT Health currently has the most experience in the treatment for this problem,” he added. “Our approach, which encompasses both osteopathic and surgical management, has yielded consistent success with excellent post-operative function for these patients.”

Within two weeks of her surgery, Briana felt well enough to go on a church mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

“Dr. Yurvati changed my life,” she said. “I’m now able to play volleyball and run for long distances again. I’m so grateful to have my life back.”

Xiphoid process injury

Symptoms: abdominal pain, chest pain, nausea and radiating pain to the back, neck and shoulders.

Cause: Lifting heavy objects or trauma to the chest. Pain may be heightened by bending or twisting.

Lorena said of Dr. Yurvati, “He really listens and cares for his patients. I feel so fortunate to work on campus with doctors like him.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Yurvati, or any UNT Health surgeons, contact 817-735-DOCS (3627).


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