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Valubility Of The Year Honorees For 2017. Sajid Surve
Videos instruct young musicians on how to clean instruments before returning them to schoolBy Jan Jarvis After playing musical instruments during the school year, it is time for students to return the rental equipment, a task that takes on new meaning during the pandemic. At a time when social distancing is required and hygiene is a top concern, how do middle and high school students properly clean their Read More »

May 11, 2020

Music Fc
Musician saves her career, with a little help from UNTHSCBy Jan Jarvis   As a musician, Sarah Dunbar never imagined she would one day be leaning over a cadaver studying facial muscles. Yet, that is exactly where the University of North Texas College of Music graduate student found herself after years of struggling with severe pain caused by chronic temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJD, Read More »

Jun 14, 2019

Ballet Fc
The doctors and the dancersBy Jan Jarvis During a break from rehearsals for “Cinderella,” Celeste Gaiera stood still as 37 reflective markers were taped to her torso, legs and head. Then, looking more like a sci-fi character than a ballet dancer, she practiced plies – a familiar ballet step – as six motion capture cameras recorded her every move. Read More »

Aug 29, 2018