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Dr Forster
The science of agingBy Jan Jarvis Today there are more than 75,000 centenarians living in the United States, a number that is expected to grow to 600,000 by mid-century. Why some people reach that milestone while others are burdened with diseases is at the crux of the International Conference on Aging and Disease, beginning Friday at the Stanford Read More »

Sep 26, 2016

john schetz and derek schreihofer
New strategies for treating strokesBy Jan Jarvis   When someone has an ischemic stroke – meaning a brain blood vessel is blocked – every minute counts in the race to reduce damage. But getting the clot-busting drug tPA in time is challenging for the 800,000 Americans who experience a stroke each year, said John A. Schetz, PhD, Professor of Read More »

Sep 16, 2016

Gregory Petsko
Stopping a disease that is slow but relentlessBy Jan Jarvis Photo credit: Carlos Rene Perez/Weill Cornell Medicine   Parkinson’s disease is slow but relentless, and progresses over some 20 years. It takes the body, but leaves the mind intact until the late stages, said Dr. Gregory Petsko, a renowned scientist who will speak at the Neurobiology of Aging Trainee Symposium, hosted by Read More »

May 10, 2016