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| June 2, 2016

Developing collaborations across the globe

  During a recent trip to South Korea, Joon Lee, PhD, who has led efforts in North Texas to control West Nile virus, met with high-ranking government officials to explore opportunities for collaborative research and projects in the future. Dr....

UNTHSC Graduate at Commencement
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| June 1, 2016

Photos: Commencement 2016

For four decades, late spring has been a joyous time in the life of the Health Science Center. Health professionals complete their degrees and graduate, carrying forward the work of creating healthier communities. With their diplomas, some are receiving their first...

UNTHSC Students at 2015 Graduation
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| May 17, 2016

Commencement honors new health professionals

By Betsy Friauf The UNT Health Science Center celebrates Commencement on May 21. Some 600 students will receive diplomas this spring, bringing the UNT Health Science Center’s four-decade total to well over 8,000 health professionals. Numbers tell only part of...

SAAO Leaders
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| May 13, 2016

TCOM students enrich medical education – and earn a national award

By Betsy Friauf   Experience is the best teacher, and experienced physicians have much to teach the next generation. To help pass the torch, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine students co-founded a study group for sharing knowledge among the young...

Lisa Smith, Dan Burgard, Myriam Martinez-Banuelos
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| April 29, 2016

Improving access to trustworthy health information

By Jeff Carlton   A UNT Health Science Center team is working to improve access to authoritative health information for 40 million Americans who live in Texas and surrounding states after securing a vital new role in a national network...

pharmacy students teach kids about medication safety
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| April 28, 2016

Lessons to keep kids safe

By Jan Jarvis   After listening to a presentation on over-the-counter medicine safety, 10-year-old Kamila Allen was confident she could make the right choices the next time she needed relief from a cold. “You should never take over-the-counter drugs by...

Courtney Searles at WHO headquarters
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| April 27, 2016

Student’s inspiration leads to WHO internship

By Sally Crocker UNTHSC student Courtney Searles decided to study public health because of her dad. Her father, diagnosed with cancer at age 24,...

Wilderness medicine students
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| April 11, 2016

Medicine in the wild

By Alex Branch   A group of UNT Health Science Center students are helping classmates and community members learn to survive medical emergencies in the wilderness. The Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group has organized camping trips and free weekend workshops...

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| March 29, 2016

Public health students begin new partnerships in Uganda

by Sally Crocker   Scientists have long recognized the connection between diseases in animals and diseases in people. Tuberculosis, brucellosis and African sleeping sickness, for example, are common infections passed from livestock to individuals in some Third World countries. So...

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| March 22, 2016

A partner on the physician career path

By Jan Jarvis   For five Saturdays, 35 students from economically disadvantaged high schools got a chance to see themselves as the physicians they hope to one day become. They sutured artificial skin, examined human hearts in the anatomy lab...