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Yuet Fc
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| October 8, 2019

Pharmacists provide patient value in team-based care

By Jan Jarvis  With inhaler in hand, Dr. Cheng Yuet went over every detail to make sure the patient understood how the drug would control their COPD symptoms.  "Use it every day, whether you feel like you need it or...

Crispr Fc
  • Research
| September 24, 2019

Researcher hopes to make gene-editing device safer and more precise

By: Jan Jarvis The mere mention of gene editing and DNA altering might conjure up images of designer babies, but that is not what researcher Jin Liu has in mind. She wants help to find a cure for life-threatening diseases...

Tb Fc
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| September 6, 2019

Innovation and teamwork amplify the national fight against tuberculosis

By Betsy Friauf   At UNT Health Science Center, “collaboration” is more than a watchword; it’s one of our Values. Our collaborative culture kicks in on Day One when new team members attend Orientation. We invite everyone to introduce themselves...

Pharmgroup Fc
  • Education
| August 20, 2019

College of Pharmacy awarded four-year accreditation

By Jan Jarvis The UNT System College of Pharmacy at UNT Health Science has reached another milestone just eight years after it was founded in 2011. The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education has granted the college a four-year accreditation term,...

Rychlend Martin Horne Fc
  • Education
| July 19, 2019

Pharmacy student spends eye-opening rotation in rural Montana

By Jan Jarvis Pharmacy student Rychlend Martin-Horne never imagined she would come face-to-face with a huge black bear and her cubs. The frightening experience during a 12-mile hike to Cracker Lake in Montana was not exactly what she expected from...

Bike Fc
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| May 15, 2019

Cycling to work is healthier — but is it also faster?

By Alex Branch   Would a bicycle get you to work faster? Maybe you’ve pondered that question in your car during a slow, congested morning commute. Two UNT Health Science Center College of Pharmacy professors will answer the question —...

Mad Fc
  • Education
| April 24, 2019

New pharmacy dean joins UNTHSC

By Jan Jarvis S. Suresh Madhavan had just earned an MBA and was working at a good job in India when he made a decision that changed the course of his career. “I felt unfulfilled so I decided to come...

Rad Fc
  • Research
| April 3, 2019

Students and residents present research prowess in RAD poster displays

By Jan Jarvis The CT scan of a 22-pound mass in the abdomen of a young woman was hard to miss in a room spilling over with research posters. To illustrate just how large the mass was, third-year Texas College...

Pharm Fc
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| March 21, 2019

Pharmacy students travel to Austin for lesson in advocacy

By Jan Jarvis    Nearly a quarter of UNT System College of Pharmacy students took a day off from their classes to get a lesson in advocacy.  The students joined nearly 600 pharmacy professionals from throughout the state for Pharmacist Day...

Mar Fc
  • Education
| February 28, 2019

In the classroom: Pharmacy students debate dispensing medical marijuana

By Jan Jarvis   First-year pharmacy students recently got a glimpse of how tough their careers might be one day when they debated their role in dispensing medical marijuana. It is better to have a pharmacist who is educated in...