Meet Sush Ananth

School of Public Health

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Who I am 

I am an international student from Bengaluru, India, studying epidemiologycame to Texas alone at age 18 for undergraduate college, and the transition was a little frightening. It took me time to get used to the linguistics and the culture. But it’s a hot climate just like I’m used to in Bengaluru so not everything was a shock. I’m comfortable now. 

Why I want to be a public health professional 

I got interested in chronic disease and understanding how public health policy affects health disparities. I am also really interested in mental health. Where I’m from in southern India, there are a lot of mental health disparities because women don’t seek care for postpartum depression, anxiety or bipolar disorders. Helping solve that problem is definitely one of my long-term goals.   

What I love about UNTHSC 

The school is supportive of international students. I’ve made a great group of friends out of the classmates in my cohort. We want each other to be the best. The size of the School of Public Health also allows me to interact one-on-one with my professors.  

About the School of Public Health 

The School of Public Health prepares students for careers that help bring positive change to the community around them and the world at large. 

What you should know

  • A wide range of public health competencies: Students engage with competencies that include community health, health policy, environmental and behavioral health studies. 
  • Becoming detectives: Students can follow the data to discover the cause of today’s latest outbreaks. With opportunities in hospitals, government and non-government organizations, these data scientists are in high demand to manage and offer insights into today’s data-rich world.  
  • Maternal and child health: Students can go on to create and implement programs to bring healthy choices to the foundation of our communities, mothers and their children. 

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About UNT Health Science Center 

Located in Fort Worth’s beautiful Cultural District, UNTHSC is a graduate university for more than 2,000 students in medicine, science and public health. It has six schools that educate and train providers of the future to become doctors, public health experts, biomedical scientists, pharmacists, physical therapists and physician assistants. 

Working in health care teams and training in a strong culture built on shared values, UNTHSC team members are dedicated to transforming lives in order to improve the lives of others.