Meet Luwam Tekle

Luwam Tekle with "Your Provider of the Future" graphic

PharmD Candidate
Class of 2021
College of Pharmacy

Who I am

A Houston native, a Texas A&M University graduate and the daughter of a pharmacist. My parents came to Texas from Northeast Africa. I became a pharmacy tech to ease my way into health care, and along the way, I discovered I really liked helping people and talking to them about their medications.

Why I want to be a pharmacist

I feel like the geriatric population is sometimes overlooked, and I can make a difference working with them in a hospital setting.

What I love about UNTHSC

I loved the campus from the moment I arrived. I thought it was just beautiful, and the faculty was so warm. I liked that the pharmacy program is new and I feel like I can have a greater impact as opposed to more established programs that are set in their ways.

I also appreciate the opportunities I have serving as vice president of my class. Being in a leadership program has allowed me to find my voice and given me so many opportunities to be heard.

About the College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy, where classes began in 2013, graduates providers of the future who know how to manage medications, conduct patient interviews and work as members of health care teams to deliver high-quality patient care – increasing safety, improving health outcomes and reducing costs.

What you should know

  • 100% satisfaction: In an exit survey, every student from the college’s first two graduating classes said they felt prepared to enter pharmacy practice.
  • Community-minded: The College of Pharmacy’s Zeta Lamba organization was recognized as a top 10 chapter nationwide for community service.
  • Innovative learning: Faculty teach collaboration through unique learning experiences, such as turning classrooms into “escape rooms” where students solve puzzles in teams.

About UNT Health Science Center

Located in Fort Worth’s beautiful Cultural District, UNTHSC is a graduate university for more than 2,000 students in medicine, science and public health. It has six schools that educate and train providers of the future to become doctors, public health experts, biomedical scientists, pharmacists, physical therapists and physician assistants.

Working in health care teams and training in a strong culture built on shared values, UNTHSC team members are dedicated to transforming lives in order to improve the lives of others.

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