HSC at Fort Worth

Match Day 2018


Dear team,

On March 16, I will take great pride in watching as roughly 220 of our fourth-year medical students open envelopes and learn where they are headed for their residencies.

I understand how important this moment is. As a TCOM graduate who was once in their shoes, I know the sacrifices they’ve made and those that are still to come: the studying, the lost sleep, leaving your families to go on rotations, eating what little you can afford and sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

I’m so proud of TCOM’s development into one of the nation’s premier osteopathic schools. Our match rate has stayed between 99 percent and 100 percent for the last three years. We graduate more primary care physicians than any other medical school in the state. And we have alumni who matched into some of the top programs in Texas and beyond.

At the leadership level, we are working hard every day to make life better for our students. We’re starting new relationships with health care systems in North Texas, so that there are more clinical rotations for all of our clinical students and more local residency positions for our medical school graduates. I can’t share the details on some of these agreements until the documents are signed, but that day is fast approaching.

Together with our health system partners, we are forging a collaborative health community that will provide safer, smarter, more effective care for North Texans. That community starts here on our campus, with empathetic, emotionally intelligent students who are technologically proficient and prefer to work across disciplines and specialties as members of health care teams.

We are defining and creating the providers of the future, and you are a key part of that. I thank you for helping us in this important effort.

My best always,

president sign
Dr. Michael R. Williams
UNTHSC President