Text Editor Tips

  1. Add a link
    • To add a link, highlight the text you want to create the link for. Then click the ‘insert link‘ button in the editor. Put in the URL that you want to link to and make sure if you are going away from your website to check the checkbox that says, “Open link in a new Window”
    • To remove the link, highlight the text again and select the ‘remove link‘ icon in the text editor.
  2. Add list items
    • Click either the bulleted or number lists buttons to create a list.
    • Type in the first your list items.
      • To create a sub list item, click the ‘Indent’ button in the editor menu.
      • To exit out of a list, click the ‘List‘ button again.
  3. Changing font size
    • Highlight the text that you would like to change the font size of.
    • Select ‘h3’ for largest size and ‘p’ for normal text size.

This page was last modified on February 21, 2019