Research posters

Student with Research Poster

Create and order your research poster online using our approved template. One Stop Printing will print your poster and contact you when it is ready for pickup.

Allow 5 business days to complete the order.

Order research posters online

Step 1: Create your poster

If you need a QR code, we recommend this browser plugin to generate them. QR Code Generator.

Poster template package includes

  • Template size is 56”w x 36”h
  • Size cannot be changed
  • UNTHSC logo can not be moved or altered

One PDF proof will be provided before final printing.

Step 2: Order your poster

Place your order online using One Stop’s order form.


  • Cost for printing a poster using the UNTHSC templates (56”w x 36”h) is $72.00
  • Poly carry bag is included
  • Hard tube is $8.50 extra

Order process

  • Please provide all information requested in the form. Your order may be delayed or canceled if you don’t complete the form.
  • One PDF proof will be provided before final printing
  • Allow five business days to complete the order

Step 3: Pick up your poster

One Stop Printing will contact you when your poster is ready for pickup.

Pickup location

One Stop Printing
2904 Cullen Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107




Monday – Friday
8 am – 5 pm