Intro to WordPress

  1.  Login
  2. Dashboard
    • Pages -> All Pages
      • This is where all of the pages that you have access to are
      • Here you can hit next page to scroll through all of your pages
      • Or use search to find a specific one
    • Media -> Library
      • This is where all of the images and documents on your site are located.
  3. Switching between multiple sites – Some editors have access to multiple sites. To get to other sites that you have access to
    • From the Dashboard- Move your curser to ‘My Sites’ in the upper left of the page and select the site that you are looking to edit.
    • Another way to do this is is to go the page that you would like to edit and then select ‘Edit Page’ on the top bar, while logged in.

This page was last modified on August 19, 2019