Key messages and elevator speech

“We are one university united by a passion for innovation and teamwork to transform lives in order to improve the lives of others by creating solutions for a healthier community.”

This is our central messaging framework that conveys to audiences who we are and why we do what we do. It is designed to help us answer the frequently asked question: “What do you do at the Health Science Center?”

The messaging framework is deliberately broad enough to encompass the work done by individual components of the Health Science Center. And it includes phraseology from both our purpose and mission statements.

HSC first

Our vision statement says we are “one university, built on values, defining and producing the providers of the future.” HSC’s strength lies in the unity and collaboration of its individual schools. Our messaging should focus on HSC first. Individual schools, programs or teams come second. Keep the spotlight where it belongs – on our work together.

How do we “transform lives”?

In a variety of ways:

  • By teaching our students – future health care providers, researchers and guardians of public health – to be good communications with a high degree of emotional intelligence and an aptitude for technology and innovation.
  • By conducting research to advance our knowledge of a variety of health concerns, ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to glaucoma.
  • By providing team-based, patient-centered care in our clinics.
  • By the volunteer work our team members do in community organizations and events across North Texas.

By design, the messaging framework is a big umbrella under which virtually everything we do at the Health Science Center fits comfortably.

Other elements

The other elements of the messaging framework are equally important in helping shape the public’s perception of HSC and its people.


The word “passion” speaks to the degree of our commitment to our purpose of transforming lives in order to improve the lives of others.

It conveys what most of us already know – HSC team members bring to the workplace a dedication and focus – a drive if you will – to make the world a better place. We bring a passion to our work that is unusual and noteworthy.

Finally, the passion for “innovation and teamwork” we bring in our drive to transform lives reinforces ideas that have long been used to describe our institution.


Innovation and innovative thinking are part of the identity of the Health Science Center. Innovation is at the heart of our devotion to interprofessional education, a concept that is rapidly reshaping the health care landscape. An innovative approach to problem solving is essential to research and propels the work in our laboratories.

Our creation of a new medical school with TCU is a perfect example of innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset. Adding lessons of entrepreneurship to the curriculum in our six schools is an innovative approach to graduate education. We produce students who are emotionally intelligent, comfortable with technology and flexible in technique and outlook. The examples are many.


Likewise, teamwork is part of our DNA at the Health Science Center. Collaboration is one of our values. Extraordinary teamwork occurs at all levels of the institution. Our students learn to work in teams. HSC is a “team of teams” that understands we are smarter, faster, more creative, better prepared when we work together.

Remember …

The messaging framework is not intended to be used as a tagline or as a boilerplate phrase inserted faithfully into a presentation or report. Rather, it’s meant to help team members bring consistency to the information about ourselves that we present to a variety of audiences. The specific words are not as important as the ideas behind them.

Those ideas are what should be used to frame our identity to audiences both inside and outside of the Health Science Center.

If HSC were a person …

In establishing and enhancing the identity of an institution like HSC, sometimes it’s useful to think of it as a person with distinct personality traits.

The Carnegie Dartlet consulting firm recently conducted an extensive examination of HSC as part of a rebranding effort. Through a series of interviews with team members, it came up with three “personas” that reveal the personality of the institution.

In reflecting the various aspects of HSC’s character, these personas dovetail nicely with the messaging framework.

  • Innovator – We’re driven to invent the future. We value experimentation and progress. We want to make people feel awe and amazement.
    Key words associated with this trait: intelligent, transformative, leading-edge, experimental.
  • Provider – We’re driven by compassion and the desire to care for others. We value altruism, commitment and generosity. We want people to feel valued and encouraged.
    Key words: compassionate, collaborative, supportive, caring.
  • Contender – We’re driven to overcome challenges through grit and determination. We value fortitude and hard work. We want people to feel triumphant and inspired.
    Key words: passionate, persevering, persistent, competitive.

Guideline to storytelling

Think of these personas as a guideline to storytelling. HSC is not, of course, all of these things all of the time. In thinking about the message you want to deliver, think about the persona to which it is most closely aligned.

The persona you choose will depend on the story you want to tell, the achievement you want to highlight, the behavior you want to praise. In almost every case, you’ll find it fits under one or more personas.

By keeping your individual messages within the messaging framework and aligned with one of the three personas that illuminate the HSC character, you can bring consistency and coherence to our efforts to define for the public what we do at the Health Science Center.

Elevator speech

An elevator speech is a brief, clear message that gives your audience a better understanding of the Health Science Center. In just a few sentences, it should emphasize the key messages that support our vision while giving people a clear picture of who we are and what we’re about.

Here is our elevator speech:

The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth is One University comprised of six graduate colleges for health care providers, researchers and public health experts. We have a strong values-based culture, and we produce leaders in health care and science who are driven to improve the human condition through a passion for innovation and teamwork.

This page was last modified on December 3, 2020