About our Logo

In 2018, the UNT System hired the Carnegie Dartlet consulting firm, a nationally recognized branding expert for higher education, to conduct a brand audit for the system and its member schools.

The results of that audit, conducted over many months across North Texas, confirmed what Health Science Center leaders already suspected – many people lack a clear understanding of what the HSC does and are confused about its relationship with UNT in Denton, the system’s largest and oldest institution.

As part of that audit, the consultants also canvassed a broad segment of the HSC community to determine how team members view the institution and its public reputation.

Based on the data collected in that Carnegie Darlet effort, the decision was made to update and revise the HSC’s brand identity to reflect more accurately its character, mission and purpose and to dispel the notion that we are a component of the Denton campus.

The result is a modern, crisp-clean design chosen to represent certain realities:

  • HSC is a future-focused institution, driven by an innovative spirit and an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • It is a proud part of the Fort Worth community.
  • It is an essential member of the University of North Texas System, but separate and independent of UNT Denton.

h-s-c. Simple. Distinctive. Direct. We’re a stand-alone institution. Part of a greater whole, but with our own identity, our own mission, our own purpose.

The new logo’s distinctive graphic element – the cluster of four compass roses – is a reflection of the values that are important to us, that guide us, that define our institution’s “true north.”

This page was last modified on December 3, 2020