Dear Student:

UNTHSC is committed to developing collaborative, practice-ready health professionals.  We believe that you will be better disposed to cooperative efforts as a practitioner having experienced opportunities to learn about, from and with students from other professions.  We are committed to integrating collaborative practice competencies and Interprofessional Education opportunities beginning with the initial year of your healthcare education and reinforcing these competencies across all years of your education and training.

Interprofessional Education is an avenue to prepare you for Interprofessional Practice.  Interprofessional Practice involves multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds working together with patients and their families to deliver the highest quality of health care and patient safety.

Each UNTHSC College/School participates in our IPE initiatives and in the planning of IPE activities.  Your College/School has a faculty member, who has been assigned by the Dean, as your profession’s IPE coordinator.  The IPE coordinators for all Colleges/Schools, along with the Department of Interprofessional Education and Practice and our Institutional Partners, meet regularly as an IPE Curriculum Committee to plan, coordinate, and refine our IPE Institutional student activities.

IPE student activities are leveled as Initial, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level is aligned with increasing competency in collaborative practice skills. As you participate in each activity, you can expect to see development in your understanding of each professions’ shared Values and Ethics and Roles and Responsibilities. You will also acquire development in Interprofessional Communication and in Teams and Teamwork.

Please see our events calendar and the CANVAS page for more information. We look forward to learning from, with, and about you.


David Farmer, PhD, MA, LPC, LMFT

Director Interprofessional Education and Practice

This page was last modified on May 24, 2018