Interprofessional Education and Practice

AHSE IPE #4 – How do we assess teams and teamwork competence? Finding organization in the chaos…

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Session Overview: 

The future of public health and healthcare is, in part, dependent on high-functioning teams that are able to navigate the complex nature of modern health systems. Training in the art and science of teamwork is increasing in popularity and demand with programs such as TeamSTEPPS® and the embedding of Interprofessional Education into health professions’ curricula. Ensuring quality training in teams, teamwork, and teaming requires assessment of the learners partaking in the training and evaluation of the program as a whole. This AHSE session will provide the necessary background, current resources, and strategies for creating and implementing assessment tools for measuring teams and teamwork competence.


Session Objectives: 

  1. Establish a common language of key terms and phrases to enhance understanding and transferability of knowledge gained 
  2. Review the current standards for teams and teamwork competency and ways to assess 
  3. Discover the steps for, and practice, drafting an assessment tool to ensure actionability 



Dec 14 2023


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


LIB 400 or ZOOM

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