Vision and Mission


Responding to an urgent need

Recognizing the urgent need to improve patient safety, the UNT Health Science Center has created the Institute for Patient Safety, with generous support from the Texas State Legislature. Although led by UNTHSC, the Institute includes diverse health care and related institutions throughout the region, as well as institute fellows and scholars who represent a broad array of health care professionals, patients and advocates.

Our Vision

To be the leader in driving and implementing transformative, interprofessional solutions to improve quality and eliminate preventable harm.

Our Mission

To innovatively impact the lives of every patient, student, and health care professional by creating a ubiquitous culture of patient safety throughout our community.

Our Goals

  • Education: We will empower health care professionals and patients to eliminate preventable harm and achieve the highest quality possible.
  • Research: We will conduct high-impact research, accelerate the translation of discoveries into practice, and innovatively apply existing technologies for the mission of patient safety.
  • Quality and Health Impact: We will implement patient safety solutions together with Member Institutions to improve health care quality in the Fort Worth region, Texas and the nation.
  • Influence: We will inform and assist local, state and national leaders to adopt and disseminate best practices in patient safety education, advocacy, research, clinical care, and policy.
  • Resources: We will develop sustainable funding, critical mass and enabling infrastructure to continually improve and expand the Institute’s impact.

This page was last modified on March 1, 2018