Episode 77: Eddy Badrina

Eatin' Green with Eden Green

How do you scale our food supply for the future? Eddy Badrina from Eden Green Technology is doing just that. Redefining how produce is traditionally grown, Eden Green uses greenhouses, powered by the Texas sun and tons of technology, to provide local, nutritious, and sustainable leafy greens. Using their patented hydroponic system to ensure quality, flavor and freshness, Eden Green lettuce is grown with no pesticides or preservatives in their controlled environment. Eden Green is innovating how to grow food for the masses faster, healthier and more efficiently than ever before.


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Episode 35: Joseph Horn

Sustainability in the Fort

Texas is a leader in many industries, including energy production. But one local innovator wants to turn Fort Worth into the sustainability capital of the world. Joseph Horn is the driver behind the city-wide collaboration building EcoPlex in Fort Worth, with the vision of turning our city into the center of sustainability in the U.S. He discusses the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurship with sustainability and environmental advocacy. 

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Episode 29 & 30: Farukh Aslam

The Hotel of the Future

From the podcast room in The Sinclair Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth, meet the engineer turned hospitality leader. Farukh Aslam is changing hotels by using low voltage power over ethernet, making The Sinclair 30% more efficient than other hotels. He is using smart sensors and dc powered LED lighting to reduce electricity usage in this century old art deco building. But The Sinclair is only the beginning, Aslam wants to take the technologies he's developed here in Fort Worth to the world.

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Episode 18: The Wellies

The Welman Project

Meet the innovative minds that are repurposing surplus materials to "fill a classroom, not a landfill." Vanessa and Taylor are life-long best friends that started a non-profit called The Welman Project. Through creativity, they find ways to take the waste output from corporations and adapt it for use in the classroom. The Welman Project were also past winners of the United Way's KERNEL competition for programs fostering ideas to solve community issues. 

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Episode 17: Brad Hunstable

Electrifying Funkytown 

A father and son tinkering in their garage led to an invention that will reduce global energy consumption, all based on the same principles that power the windmills that dot the Texas prairies. Brad Hunstable, co-founder of Linear Labs, wants to make Fort Worth the "Electrification Capital of the World." His plan to build a smarter energy company is one that will change the way we power the world, all from their home base here in "Fort Worth/Dallas." 

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