Episode 79 – Munatsi Manyande

A DASH of Help for Asylum Seekers

It takes a big heart to tackle a big problem. Meet Munatsi Manyande, the executive director of the DASH Network, an organization with an innovative approach to helping asylum seekers. People seeking asylum arrive with nothing and aren?t eligible for government benefits, and this is where the DASH Network steps in. They provide housing, food, language training and more in one of the largest program serving asylum seekers in the country. Munatsi explains the difference between asylum seekers and refugees, how the DASH Network is holistically serving people who are often overlooked, and what is next for the nonprofit.  


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Episode 48: Pam Cannell

Building Better Boards

Linkedin meets Match.com?for nonprofits? That is what Pam Cannell set out to do with BoardBuild, a platform designed to educate, match and strengthen board members for non-profits. Pam shares her vision for using innovative technology and education to strengthen non-profits in Fort Worth and around the country.

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Episode 25: Dr. Vanessa Bouche

Essential Employment

When Dr. Vanessa Bouche was challenged to provide meaningful employment for survivors of sexual explotation and sex trafficking in Delhi, India, she started an essential oils company to put women with few skills to work. Dr. Bouche discusses the challenges she faced in starting Savhera, the challenges she faced in applying for B Corp certification and how to "Live Well, Do Good'' for her customers and employees.  

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Episode 18: The Wellies

The Welman Project

Meet the innovative minds that are repurposing surplus materials to "fill a classroom, not a landfill." Vanessa and Taylor are life-long best friends that started a non-profit called The Welman Project. Through creativity, they find ways to take the waste output from corporations and adapt it for use in the classroom. The Welman Project were also past winners of the United Way's KERNEL competition for programs fostering ideas to solve community issues. 

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Episode 16: Jakayla Dixon

Show Me the Color

Growing up, Jakayla Dixon saw her aunt struggle with picking out her clothes, due to her visual impairment. So she started her own company in high school to change the way the visually impaired put fashionable outfits together. Dixon, the founder of Feel the Color, is helping those with visual impairments "see" color through innovative tags to help people feel confident and fashionable.  

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