Episode 5: John Adams

The story behind Mr. Mucus

John Adams, Mucinex, Innovate Fort Worth Podcast

Who does not know Mr. Mucus? The slimy green character representing a head cold is the face of Mucinex ads. But the man who brought the cold remedy medicine to market and created a $2.3 billion North Texas company is John Adams, who shares the inside story of how a former Kansas pharmaceutical salesman turned a cold remedy into a household name.

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Episode 2: Cam Sadler

Cam Sadler: From Fort Worth to Silicon Valley

Cam Sadler, NewCraft

Cam Sadler was a teacher at Dunbar High School with big ideas. One summer break, he cashed in his retirement savings and started a company that helps job seekers get offers from tech businesses. Soon he was in Silicon Valley, the first Fort Worth entrepreneur accepted into Y Combinator, the startup funder of AirBnb and DropBox.

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