Episode 67: Josh Robertson

The Mist-ifying World of Healthcare Investment

When it comes to healthcare startups, Josh Robertson does it all. From a young age, he saw some of the biggest problems in healthcare, and he wanted to do something about it. His passion for helping people led to building startups by infusing empathy into the patient's healthcare experience. This thesis grew into several healthcare startup companies, an investment group, and even a nonprofit.

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Episode 58: Trey Bowles

Accelerating Physical Health

Meet the new Managing Director of the Techstars Physical Health Fort Worth Accelerator, Trey Bowles. Trey bring his knowledge as an entrepreneur, investor, advocate, and ecosystem builder to this new program in the city. He dives into his rich past as an entrepreneur and how he built the local entrepreneurial ecosystem from his role as one of the founders of The DEC Network. He also explains what Techstars accelerators are and why Fort Worth is the prime location for the world?s first accelerator focused on physical health.

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Episode 50: Benjamin Vann

Tackling Inequality Through Capital

He is the football player turned venture investor who is making a difference in North Texas. Benjamin Vann from Impact Ventures is removing barriers to capital for women and entrepreneurs of color through inclusive entrepreneurship. Through his work, he aims to tackle real world problems by making sure every entrepreneur has a chance to succeed and bring their dreams to reality, no matter their circumstances.

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Episode 44: Hayden Blackburn

Hayden Blackburn

If you are an entrepreneur in DFW, then you know about Tech Fort Worth. And Hayden Blackburn is at the center of it all. TechFW supports entrepreneurs through various programs, like an accelerator, an incubator, mentorship, and through the Cowtown Angels investing network. With big exits like ZS Pharma, Encore Vision, and Exact Diagnostics in their past, TechFW is helping connect entrepreneurs to build a strong biotech entrepreneurial ecosystem in Fort Worth today and into the future. 

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Episode 5: John Adams

The story behind Mr. Mucus

John Adams, Mucinex, Innovate Fort Worth Podcast

Who does not know Mr. Mucus? The slimy green character representing a head cold is the face of Mucinex ads. But the man who brought the cold remedy medicine to market and created a $2.3 billion North Texas company is John Adams, who shares the inside story of how a former Kansas pharmaceutical salesman turned a cold remedy into a household name.

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