COVID-19 Testing Centers for First Responders


Original Article from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“[The UNT Health Science Center] has opened a COVID-19 testing site away from its campus for Tarrant County-area first responders as the city’s ambulance service said its employees would begin to be screened before each shift.

“The…site, opened on Monday, is intended to keep at work police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics and constables who test negative.

“They will not need to wait two weeks after a possible exposure. Before the site opened, a first responder who may have been exposed to the coronavirus, but who was not experiencing symptoms, was required to be away from work during a 14-day observation period.

“‘Through our partnership, we are able to test first responders and get results back in five days at the longest but possibly within about 48 hours,’ Dr. Mark Chassay, the Health Science Center’s chief clinical and medical officer, wrote in a statement. ‘That means more first responders can decide with their supervisors whether it is appropriate to return to their job duties sooner.'”