Patient Care

HSC Health is the academic clinical practice of the Health Science Center. Focused on improving health outcomes to build a healthier community, HSC Health’s primary and multi-specialty care clinics are located on the HSC campus. Our care teams extend to local hospitals, surgery centers, long-term and continuing care centers, mobile, and in-home care. HSC Health’s interprofessional teams work collaboratively to achieve an optimized treatment plan tailored to the individual patient. Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical therapists, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, specialized technicians, and nurses work together while intentionally integrating health care students, residents, and fellows to deliver care to our community.

With more than 65 providers, HSC Health is one of the largest primary and multi-specialty care interprofessional provider groups in Tarrant County. Last year alone, our physicians had 100,00 patient encounters in care settings across the county.

“Last year alone, our physicians had 100,000 patient encounters in care settings across the county.”

We are actively involved in serving our community — especially the underserved and uninsured population. Our Pediatric Mobile Clinic has seen more than 12,000 patients since 2014. The PMC also helps parents gain access to services they need as well. Starting in Fall 2023, the PMC will be in the nurse’s offices of several Fort Worth Independent School District campuses.

SOURCE: Outpatient Visits from Texas Legislative Budget Board Performance Measures. *In 2016, the Health Practice was resized and stopped providing health care to 36 JPS clinics.