Postdoctoral Scholars in Cancer Research (PDSCR)

Postdoctoral Scholars in Cancer Research (PDSCR) is one of the program components of the HSC Scholars in Cancer Research Program offered to Post-doctoral fellows. This program aims to recruit or retain highly talented early-stage cancer researchers, particularly URM researchers in Texas, and provide them with training for professional development and prepare them as well-trained next generation researchers in cancer and health disparities.

The Post-doctoral scholars will be cross-trained in multi-disciplinary techniques. They will interact with non-clinical, clinical researchers, and role model personnel to broaden the knowledge. They will also participate in grants writing, mentoring and leadership training workshops for their career advancement.

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Jamboor K. Vishwanatha, PhD
Bruce A. Bunnell, PhD


Institute for Health Disparities

Funding Agency

Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

  • Postdoctoral fellows with interest in cancer research
  • Underrepresented groups in health professional programs (racial/ethnic groups, disabilities, disadvantaged backgrounds)
  •  Interest in diversity and health disparity research
  •  Commitment to careers in clinical and community-based approaches to solving cancer and cancer disparities
  • Up to 30 months’ salary
  • Travel allowance of up to $2,000 to participate in local/regional/national conferences
  • Length of Support up to 2.5 years


Dr. Jamboor K. Vishwanatha |
Dr. Bruce A. Bunnell |
Roda Cotanay |