HSC Scholars in Cancer Research


HSC Scholars in Cancer Research is an innovative, integrated training program focused on the students at critical transition points, early undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral career stages that are essential to meet the need of the cancer research workforce in Texas and USA.


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This program aims to train the students at the next critical transition point of undergraduate to graduate school.

Screen Shot 2021 12 09 At 1.44.20 PmThis training program promotes a team-based approach to solving complex problems that we believe is essential to better understand the biological principles that govern health and disease.

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This program aims to recruit or retain highly talented early-stage cancer researchers, particularly URM researchers in Texas, and provide them with training for professional development.

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This program is designed to provide stage-specific competencies for undergraduates in science knowledge, research skill development, professionalism, and communication. The students will be trained through short-term exposures in the field of cancer and health disparities.

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This program supports the students of Osteopathic Medicine conducting research during their PhD in the areas related to cancer for obtaining their DO/PhD.