Sai Chavala, MD

Lab mission


My laboratory is dedicated to understanding the molecular mechanisms in retinal angiogenesis, developmental retinal biology, stem cell biology, and epigenetic reprogramming.




Sai Chavala's lab






Aiguo “Edward” Ni: Research Assistant Professor

Wei “Julie” Zhang: Research Scientist

Biraj Mahato: Postdoctoral Scholar

Yan Fan:  Postdoctoral Scholar

Avishek Ganguly: Postdoctoral Scholar

Sai Chavala: Principal Investigator




Sai Chavala, MD


Director, Laboratory for Retinal Rehabiliation (LORR)

Director, Translational Research

North Texas Eye Research Institute

University of North Texas Health Science Center

3500 Camp Bowie Blvd.

Ft. Worth, TX 76107

Telephone: 216 849 0437

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