Center for Medical Genetics

Dr. Michael Allen in his lab with all of his ticks Dr. Michael Allen in his lab with all of his ticks Dr. Michael Allen Research Assistant Professor, Dr. Yan Zhang Lab Analyst, Elizabeth Mitchell Graduate student, Mr. Santosh Thapa


The Center for Medical Genetics (CMG) is one of three divisions within the recently formed Institute for Molecular Medicine, along with the Center for Cancer Research and the Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases. The CMG promotes highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, and translational genetic research for the treatment of disease, promotion of wellness, and the betterment of society. Faculty in the CMG have diverse expertise in areas ranging from mitochondrial and genetic diseases, genome wide association studies and genetic risk assessment, human-microbiome interactions, bacterial genomics, molecular diagnostics, evolutionary and statistical genetics, bioinformatics, and DNA-based forensics. The Center also supports educational activities in the Program in Genetics and Forensic Genetics.

Our People

CMG Faculty

Dr Robert Barber, Dr. Michael Allen, Dr. Ranajit Chakraborty, Dr. Deanna Cross, Dr. Nicole Phillips, Dr. John Planz, Dr. Joseph Warren, Dr. Fan Zhang, and Dr. Yan Zhang

Administrative Support: Deborah Turman

Degree Programs


  • Tick Testing
  • Next Generation DNA Sequencing

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