Institute for Healthy Aging – Spring 2018 Seminars

All seminars will be on TUESDAY, 11:00 a.m. in CBH-230 unless noted otherwise

10:45 a.m., coffee and cookies will be available.

For more information, call Dr. Leigh Johnson x2965

Seminar Schedule
January 29 Monday
Senior Graduate Student Work in Progress (WIP):
Jiangnan (Johnnie) Hu Reprogramming of astrocytes into neurons after ischemic stroke
Jessica Toofan Predictors of estrogen’s neuroprotective efficacy: A mechanistic study in SH-SY5Y cells
February 6 Lisa Monteggia
UT Southwestern
Mechanism of rapid antidepressant responses
February 20 Robert Rissman
UC San Diego, School of Medicine
Blood and brain-derived neuronal exosome cargo in the propagation and progression of neuropathology
February 27
4-5 PM
Senior Graduate Student Work in Progress (WIP):
Jessica Hersh T-cell & astrocyte interactions in ischemic stroke
Arun Upadhayaya cancelled
March 6 Nicole Phillips
Microbiology,Immunology & Genetics
Mitochondrial DNA-complex genetics in complex disease
March 20 Michael J. Forster, Ph.D.
New insights into the benefits and limitations of energy restriction as an anti-aging intervention
March 28
4-5 PM
Senior Graduate Student Work in Progress (WIP):
Ella Kasanga Improved motor function by ceftriaxone following nigrostriatal lesion
Anthony Oppong-Gyebi  Influence of ovarian hormone deprivation length on the neuro-protective effects of genistein in stroke
March 27 Kejie Yin, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Non-coding RNAs and post-stroke brain vascular injury and repair
April 3 Chun-Li Zhang, Ph.D.
Molecular Biology
UT Southwestern
Fate reprogramming to understand neural degeneration and regeneration
April 10 Peter Bergold, Ph.D.
Physiology and Pharmacology
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Treatment of experimental traumatic brain injury with a clinically useful time window
April 17 Randy Strong
Barshop Institute
UT San Antonio HSC
Biogenic aldehydes as potential therapeutic targets in Parkinson’s disease
April 24 Gregory Bix, M.D., Ph.D.
Sanders-Brown Center on Aging
University of Kentucky
April 30 Monday
Senior Graduate Student Work in Progress (WIP):
Nicholas Kubelka Astrocyte Cx43 hemichannels: A novel target in neuroendocrinology

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