Quality Improvement Projects Through NorTex

NorTex Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network

North Texas Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network (NorTex) was established in 2005 to disseminate primary care initiatives that focus on improving the health of North Texas. NorTex is affiliated with larger health networks such as UNT Health, JPS Primary Care Practices, Parkland Health and Hospital Community Oriented Primary Care Clinics. Currently, NorTex is composed of 101 clinics from across North Texas and rural Texas that include Federally Qualified Health Clinics and rural clinics across North Texas.

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What Is WE HAIL Doing?

Collectively with NorTex, WE HAIL will engage primary care clinics in identifying practice-based opportunities for quality improvement related to the WE HAIL areas of focus (Health Literacy, Chronic Disease Patient Self-Management, Falls Prevention, Medication Management, and Dementia Care). NorTex clinics will be asked to select one or more areas, and assess their practice against national standards and identify deficiencies. NorTex will assist each practice in identifying strategies to target those deficiencies, with education provided by WE HAIL. Then, after a period of time, the practice will be reassessed to determine if quality of care has improved.

This approach will allow the practices to select quality improvement initiatives that are most relevant to their patient populations, and also serve as a vehicle for Part IV maintenance of certification for board-certified physicians and for physician assistants. This is an innovative, facilitated quality-improvement approach.

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Contact: Dr. Ana Espinoza from NorTex

Email: anna.espinoza@unthsc.edu

Phone: (817) 735-2625

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