Professional and Continuing Education Modules

Professional And Continuing Education (PACE)

UNTHSC’s Center for Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) office has collaborated with the UNTHSC’s Center for Geriatrics in providing care-focused activities that have included geriatrics content. PACE has been involved with geriatric educational online modules and continuing professional development activities which have resulted in thousands of providers being educated in geriatrics conditions, dementia and Alzheimer’s, with improvement in performance in their ability to screen and assess older adults.

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What Is WE HAIL Doing?

UNTHSC’s PACE office plans to utilize the following tools and methods to develop the geriatric patient focused Evidence Based tools and online modules for health care professionals providing primary care in Tarrant County and across rural communities throughout Texas.

Online Education

UNTHSC’s PACE office will make available up to 20 online educational modules related to the WE HAIL Program areas of focus (Health Literacy, Chronic Disease Patient Self-Management, Falls Prevention, Medication Management, and Dementia Care). Topics will include falls prevention, mobility and functional assessment, chronic disease management, health literacy, care coordination, dementia and cognitive impairment, self-management, medication reconciliation and others. They will be hosted on UNTHSC’s online Learning Management System (LMS) and linked to partner websites and through the active outreach by Short Message Service (SMS), described below.

Active Outreach via SMS

UNTHSC’s PACE office will use innovative, active outreach as an ongoing strategy to engage clinicians about falls prevention, dementia and health literacy. Using a SMS-service, text messages will be sent to clinicians subscribed to the system directing them to educational cases and programs developed for WE HAIL. Once registered, a clinician will receive a text containing a message and short-link to an online activity. The link will direct the person to UNTHSC’s online Learning Management System (LMS), where the clinician can participate in one or more activities.

All activities related to the WE HAIL program will be housed on UNTHSC’S LMS for easy access and one-stop resource availability. Activities could be short individual cases, new clinical resources, podcasts or a full-fledge online activity. The SMS system will allow for the collection of data, which can be analyzed and used to develop additional interventions to narrow professional gaps and improve patient care. This novel system will be valuable and time-sensitive for participants.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) Online Training

UNTHSC’s PACE office will refine and enhance a web-based differential diagnosis (DDX) tutor for dementia. The artificial intelligence-derived assessment instrument is called the Knowledge Based Inference Tool (KBIT). Using input from experts in dementia diagnosis, it generates progressively more difficult case vignettes based on a participant’s performance on previous cases and provides immediate feedback to correct and incorrect responses, reinforcing areas of strength and highlighting errors so they can be corrected. The result is improved diagnostic performance, meaning dementia can be diagnosed more accurately and earlier. The system is highly advanced, based on the latest understanding about how adults learn and then what is needed to translate knowledge into improved performance.

UNTHSC PACE along with WE HAIL community partners will update the existing dementia module and develop it as a certified continuing education activity. Participants will work through differentials and competing diagnoses (knowledge acquisition and comprehension) before being presented with the interactive cases (knowledge application). The activity will be structured to assess performance improvement and to what degree.

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These tools will be made available in July of 2016.

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