Clinical Decision Tools in EPIC Software

EPIC Software at JPS Health Network

JPS has incorporated Epic as its’ electronic health record (EHR) throughout all 12 ambulatory primary care clinics and the inpatient hospital.

What Is WE HAIL Doing?

The WE HAIL program community partners and JPS will collaborate on the development of clinical decision tools that relate to the 5 geriatric clinical areas of focus for the WE HAIL program (Health Literacy, Chronic Disease Patient Self-Management, Falls Prevention, Medication Management, and Dementia Care). Once these tools are developed, they will be integrated within the EHRs in the primary care practices at JPS.

It is anticipated that these tools will be widely adopted, since they will be available at the point of care meeting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Meaningful Use requirements.

These clinical support tools will also be incorporated into the JPS Family Medicine Residency Programs as a student and resident teaching tool.

Through the Epic platform, the WE HAIL community partners’ programs can receive referrals for program utilization, in addition to access of read- only versions of the patients’ medical record. This will continue to build a platform for partnership and improved transitions between the primary care clinics to the community care setting.

Get Involved

These tools are currently being developed and has been piloted in the Magnolia Clinic at JPS Health Network. Over 15 clinic staff have been trained on these tools.

Tools include:

Area of Intervention Screening Tool Diagnostic Tool
Medication Management Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (4-item) N/A
Fall Risk STEADI Timed Get-Up and Go (TUG), Tinetti Balance Assessment
Health Literacy Newest Vital Signs (NVS) N/A
Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Mini-Cog Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA)
Depression Screening PhQ9 Geriatric Depression Scale
Hearing Use of Audiometer Use of Audiometer
Substance Abuse Cage-Aid N/A
Nutrition The DETERMINE Mini-Nutritional Screen

This page was last modified on April 4, 2017