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Welcome to the official home of STRait Razor — the STR Allele Identification Tool!  The current stable version of this program is v1.5. The complete v1.5 package can be found below, in .zip format. Updates to this program will be posted to this page as they are created.


STRait Razor v1.5

STRait Razor v1.5 now includes the following updates:

85 STRs (autosomal, X, and Y) and Amelogenin in the default locus.config file

Ability to select all STR types, X only, or Y only with the new, modified “typeselection” argument (Please note: the “-yselection” argument has now become “typeselection” in STRait Razor v1.5)

Updated tutorial file

New and improved locus configuration file workbook with the following features:

Various formatting issues have been resolved (the workbook now includes the STR type designation in the final export file, which was missing before; also, a line break between the flank definitions and the allele definitions was removed; Please note:  if you create a config file with less than 10 loci, you may want to open the exported .config file in a text editor and remove the extra “tab” spaces that the workbook creates — if you do not, STRait Razor will still work, but will give an error toward the end that may be ignored)

The “X” STR type has been added as an option

Leading Flank 2 and Trailing Flank 2, as well as Filter Sequence 2, will automatically fill in the reverse compliment sequence of what was entered into the Leading Flank 1, Trailing Flank1, and Filter Sequence 2 fields, respectively

Users may now enter sequences into the workbook in lowercase, and the final export file will automatically convert them to uppercase


STRait Razor v2.0 

STRait Razor v2.0 is now available for download.  In addition to the improvements listed for v1.5, this latest version incorporates a more sophisticated data output format which summarizes the unique nucleotide sequences detected for each allele, ordered by their respective coverage depth values.  This information can be used to investigate intra-repeat nucleotide variation for greater discriminatory power.

Please note that the v2.0 software package also includes an updated locus configuration file.  This new file has been modified to resolve certain nomenclature-related issues with regard to the detection of alleles at loci D19S433 and D12S391, which were discovered in subsequent testing.  In the event of future changes to the default locus configuration file, the new file(s) will be available for download here.


-updated nomenclature

-updated locus config file

-added ‘allsequences.txt’ file for sequence-based analysis

Excel-based Analysis Files*

Sequence-based Analysis v1.2

In order to utilize the potential sequence variation at each locus, the STRait Razor Analysis workbook was developed. This workbook allows users to take the STRait Razor output and perform more in depth analyses. Data may be exported into a separate sheet for fast compilation of a dataset. Two versions of this file are available**.

The standard edition is able to process up to 50k unique sequences and is more suitable for large multiplexes or samples with a high number of unique sequences (i.e., mixtures).

STRait Razor Sequence Analysis 

STRait Razor Sequence Analysis Manual

The lite edition is able to process 5k unique sequences and is suitable for small multiplexes or single source samples.

STRait Razor Sequence Analysis Lite

STRait Razor Sequence Analysis Lite Manual

**Note: Choose your own adventure!!! When the lite edition of STRait Razor Analysis is just not lite enough still too cumbersome for your dataset or the computational capabilities of your computer, apply the following changes to the workbook to reduce processing times.

STRait Razor Analysis Minimization Protocol

Previous Editions

STRSA Lite-Pre9.3.2014

STRSA Lite-11.25.2014

STRSA -11.25.2014

Changelog v1.2:

-Added batch processing for 24 samples (read one only) or 12 samples (read one and two)

-Changed Sequence output to a single strand consistent with the locus.config file

-Added the Allele Export tab to give added flexibility

Length-based Analysis

If simple length-based data are desired, STRait RazorGenotyper will convert raw STRait Razor data into a final genotype while also combining reads (if applicable). Data may be exported into a separate sheet for fast compilation of a dataset.

STRait RazorGenotyper

STRait RazorGenotyper Manual 


v1.1 Changelog

-Added tab ‘Advanced Read Combiner’; allows combination of reads 1 & 2 of mixed samples

Data Visualization

STRait Razor Histogram Generator converts RazorGenotyper and Sequence Analysis output into mock electropherograms for easy data visualization.

STRait Razor Histogram Generator

STRait Razor Histogram Generator Manual

Mock Electropherogram

*Please note these files contain macros that must be enabled for proper functionality. All workbooks are in constant development and feedback is not only desired but expected to improve these workbooks. Any help provided is greatly appreciated. Please address Excel comments to