Paternity/Relationship Unit

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The Parentage/Relationship Unit of the UNTHSC Center for Human Identification was the first paternity lab created within a University setting in Texas. It still remains the only DNA Laboratory fully operational within a State University in Texas. Nationally, the Paternity Laboratory is a well-known state-of-the art laboratory with three staff members with over 20 plus years of DNA testing experience. All testing methods used by this Paternity Laboratory conform to the national standards and guidelines of the American Association of Blood Banking (AABB) and the laboratory has been accredited by AABB for over 20 years. Besides, this unit have a major contract with the OAG, Child Support Division for 20 years. (1990-2010).
The Paternity Laboratory offers three types of testing: Court ready, Immigration and Relationship Testing. All testing is conducted in-house with free in-house sample collection and covenant free parking for the client.

Patricia Gibson, Supervisor

Patricia Gibson has been the supervisor of paternity lab for over 20 years. She has BS degree in Medical Technology from the School of Medicine University of North Dakota. She is members of American Society
of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

Tel: 817-735-2308

Shubrha Nandi, DNA Analyst

School: Master: Public Health, from UNTHSC
Master: Chemistry, from University of Allahabad
Bachelor: Chemistry & Biology, University of Allahabad
Experience: over 20 years as a DNA Analyst, current training for CODIS Analyst under the Missing Persons Division.