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The Life Technologies Center for Forensic Excellence at the University of North Texas Health Science Center was established to accelerate forensic DNA database lab start-up, accreditation and operational efficiency. Through this first-of-its-kind certification program, researchers obtain in-depth knowledge of DNA profiling and gain extensive laboratory experience in single-source sample processing, data analysis and data review for use in criminal investigations and identity verification. Upon completion, trainees possess the necessary skills to support new or expanding Human Identification laboratories in their home city, state or nation.

jie sun

Jie Sun, Senior Research Associate / Laboratory Training Coordinator II

Jie Sun is a Senior Research Associate / Laboratory Training Coordinator II in the Life Technologies Center for Forensic Excellence. Jie received her BS degree in Biochemistry from Fudan University in 1982. She has almost 20 years of laboratory management experience, more than 10 years teaching experience, and 30 publications in a variety of fields.

Shahida Flores, Senior Research Assistant / Laboratory Training Coordinator I

Shahida Flores received her Bachelor of Science degree in Investigative and Medical Sciences along with a Certificate in Forensic Science from Saint Louis University and her Master of Science degree in Forensic Science from Sam Houston State University. Shahida has completed internships with two accredited forensic laboratories and has conducted research in several different areas of forensic genetics including touch DNA collection, genetic analysis of biomarkers and extraction method development for tissue samples.

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