What is brain donation?

Brain tissue donation is a precious gift that will help researchers to increase knowledge about dementing illnesses, their causes, and possible treatments.

Who may donate

Any competent person over age 18 years of age may donate.

Who grants permission for donation of my or my family members brain for research?

The consent is only legally binding when signed after death.  The next of kin will need to provide consent.

What exactly takes place?

After death, the brain tissue is removed without disfigurement to the donor. Brain tissue is collected as soon after death as possible and should not cause any delay in funeral preparations.

Is there any cost?

No, the procedure will be done without any costs to you or your family.

What happens if death occurs at night or on the weekend?

Contact the on-call Brain Bank Coordinator at 817-216-2168 and they will make all necessary arrangements.

Will the family receive a report about the findings?

The donor’s physician will receive a report of the findings.  This report may not be available for up to a year following death.


This page was last modified on February 25, 2015