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Anuja Ghorpade on telescope


The GSBS continues its prominent role in shaping the future of our biomedical workforce by providing high quality education and training of our PhD and Masters students to become the educators, researchers and professionals of tomorrow. Students earn advanced degrees while working side-by-side with world-renowned faculty researchers who use state-of-the-art technology and training methods to tackle such major biomedical problems as cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Graduates are recruited by the top research laboratories in the nation, both in academia and industry, for postdoctoral fellowships or employment.

An integrated curriculum provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge in the biomedical sciences. During the first year, students are immersed in the fundamental principles of biochemistry, molecular cell biology, pharmacology, physiology, immunology and microbiology, ethics, an introduction to faculty research, scientific communications, and lab rotations. In addition, students take several advanced courses that enhance their training in a particular specialty within their selected discipline.

Our curriculum promotes a team approach to solving complex problems that we believe is essential to better understand the biological principles that govern health and disease. These didactic and problem-based learning experiences, together with the ‘hands-on’ training that our students gain, equip our students with the tools to undertake the challenges of tomorrow.

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