The Impact You Make: Spring Celebrations!

May 26, 2023 • Impact, Newsletter

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May brings about a sense of success, excitement, and celebration. 

Because of donors like you, TCOM students have completed their first year with their funded stethoscopes finally put to use. 

Students across HSC are applying for scholarships you supported with hopes of easing the burden of the coming school year. In addition, we recently had the opportunity to honor donors that set up endowed scholarships where they met their recipients. It was indeed a “Celebration of Generosity!”

Our students will graduate this month as they change the future of health care because of your impact.

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What is an endowment?

While gifts of any amount are of great value, endowed funds provide a permanent payout that guarantee timeless support for what is important to the donor. Each year, 4% of the endowment goes directly to scholarships, programs and activities as designated by donors. That conservative withdrawal ensures that the endowment will never disappear – which will benefit The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth for years to come.

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Update from a Stethoscope Recipient

I really appreciate the stethoscope I received. I have used it in varied settings this school year to take blood pressures and to try to hear heart/arterial and lung conditions as well as bowel sounds. Some of these were classroom exercises on fellow students or simulators, OSCE’s with standardized patients, with real patients during a brief preceptorship in West, TX over Christmas break, the patients we helped on a medical mission trip during Spring break, and perhaps my favorite situation was practicing taking blood pressures and various auscultations with my aging parents. I’m a non-traditional student, age 55, my parents are in their early 80’s, their blood pressures were normal. My dad’s cardiologist thinks my dad has some aortic stenosis, but my listening skills weren’t good enough to pick it up, though I’m sure that if dad has a stenosis and I didn’t find it, I’m at fault, not the quality of the tool!

Owning good tools doesn’t make you an expert, I have a number of tools that I cannot perform up to the true capabilities of the tools, but bad tools can limit your performance.  This seems true across any discipline/art-form I have had any experience with. It will be a LONG time, if ever, before this stethoscope presents me any limits because of its capabilities, it is truly a tool to grow with and I’m very grateful to have it.

Fr. Mark Lichtenstein,

TCOM Class of 2026

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Whole Person. Whole Health.

Caring for the whole person means more than treating their immediate symptoms. It means empowering people to participate in their physical, mental, spiritual and financial well-being, and creating environments where they can thrive. The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth is leading the way in promoting Whole Health in North Texas.

Jeremy Joseph

Whole Health Focus: HSC’s Student Food Pantry

It’s 6 p.m. and you just got out of class. You remember you need to get gas and a few groceries for the week, but rent was due this morning, and you don’t have enough money to get both gas and groceries. Since you can’t miss class, you opt to skip groceries so you can afford gas.

For many students at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, this is more than a scenario, it’s a reality. The financial burden of tuition, textbooks, rent and numerous other finances can often be too much to balance, forcing students to make difficult decisions that impact their overall health and well-being.

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Thank you

Your gifts to the HSC have and will continue to impact the lives of our students and the future of our programs.

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