July 1, 2020 • Impact, Newsletter


Your support, when it mattered most

Halfway through the year 2020, we find ourselves looking back at how we got to where we are today. The world changed and it may be safe to say that as we continue to move forward, day by day, it’s uncertain that things will ever be the same.

In no time, our faculty adapted, our students persevered and donors like you stepped up to the challenge. Contributing over $110,000 to the COVID Relief Fund, our giving family changed the lives of students who were suddenly without their jobs and faced with a new reality.

In this newsletter, we hope you see how you have transformed the lives of our HSC students. It is because of you that a student didn’t have to skip a meal or that their family was able to make rent. These are your dollars at work – and this is the impact you make.

What it means to Dallas



Dallas Aloffe grew up in her hometown of Euless, Texas, just thirty minutes away from what would be the place she’d pursue her pharmacy education. She was drawn to the HSC because of its proximity to home and its approach to collaborative health care – an opportunity for her to learn alongside peers coming from all walks of life.

“To be able to collaborate with peers of different backgrounds in all programs on campus gave me a feeling of belonging,” says Dallas.

Halfway through Dallas’ time spent as a part of the UNT System College of Pharmacy, a new reality set in. The COVID-19 pandemic had begun to rear its ugly head, causing a whirlwind of financial burden to head her way. With her father losing his job and the chaos of switching her method of learning, it made for a difficult time.

“I felt that I had so much going on at the time. I couldn’t focus on anything. I was worried about my friends and family potentially getting sick, my grades, and my dad’s financial situation moving forward.”

When Dallas looks back at when everything seemed to have been met with uncertainty and misfortune, she also remembers a time where she felt supported and valued. It wasn’t long until after the launch of the COVID Relief Fund that Dallas found herself on the receiving end of generosity shown by gracious donors.

Through the COVID Relief Fund, Dallas was awarded dollars that would help her make ends meet when it mattered most. She regained the stability she needed to maintain focus on her studies.

“With the funds given to me, I was able to pay for two months’ rent. The funds awarded relieved me of some financial stress that I personally felt that I burdened my family with during such an uncertain time.”

While we are faced with difficult situations, donors and loyal supporters of the HSC rise to the challenge and propel our students. Dallas is one of many students impacted by the support of donors to the COVID Relief Fund. Her story is one of many who will remain forever grateful for the generosity shown from those who are likely complete strangers to her but were more than willing to transform her life.

“It means the world to me that I was able to receive assistance during a difficult time. I’ve always found joy in helping others. I once read that to help yourself, start by helping others. I believe this wholeheartedly to this day. I hope to live a generous life and give back to my community! Generosity moves and grows within a community and I believe that positive change can come from both the giver and receiver.”


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Your giving makes a world of difference.

Thank you for the gifts you have made to support the students and programs of UNTHSC. If you would like to give again, click the button below and choose to give to the area you are most passionate about.