Scholarship Opportunities

UNTHSC Foundation offers over 150 scholarship opportunities annually to students of UNTHSC. Scholarship awards are based on academic excellence, achievement, leadership, goals and/or other factors.

If you have questions, please contact the UNTHSC Scholarship Office at 817-735-2445 or via email at

Scholarship Application Deadlines

  • Fall scholarship applications accepted from February 15 to May 15
  • Spring scholarship applications accepted from September 1 to December 1
  • Summer scholarship applications accepted from February 15 to May 15


Special Programs (Degree Programs, Discipline Programs)

  • Fall scholarship applications accepted from August 1 to August 15
  • Spring scholarship applications accepted from January 1 to January 15

To apply for scholarships, you must have the following:

How To Submit an Application

  • Enter your UNTHSC Student ID – example: ABC1234
  • Enter your UNTHSC password
  • If you have trouble logging in, select Trouble Signing In


  1. Complete and submit the General Application.

You will be automatically matched with our scholarships that you qualify for, based on the information you provide on your application and from your UNTHSC record.

Make sure you keep your contact information, Program of Study and major up to date with UNTHSC. Contact the Registrar and Student Records office at to update your information.


  1. Some scholarships require additional informationsuch as supplemental questions, essays, or recommendations/verifications.

To see these scholarships, select the Opportunities tab. To apply for these scholarships, click on the Apply button next to the scholarship name and complete the application. If you do not complete the entire application, you may select Save and Keep Editing and return later to finish your application. Once complete, select Finish and Submit.


  1. Frequently check the status of your applications.

Select the My Application tab to view your applications, to review scholarships you have accepted, or finish ones that need attention.


  1. Check the status of your recommendation/verification requests.

Select the References tab to view all recommendation/verification requests.

If selected to receive a scholarship you will be notified by email. You will have seven (7) days from the date you receive the email to accept the scholarship and to complete the post-acceptance questions. If you accept a scholarship, it does not affect your financial aid status.

Scholarship awards will be placed on your UNTHSC account at least two weeks prior to the first day of class. If your account is paid in full, you will receive a refund after the census date of the program you are enrolled in or after the 12th day of classes for the semester you are enrolled in when the Financial Aid Office processes refunds.