Delivering Health Care Access to Texans Where They Are


Rural Health Education students at rural site.

Asthma Check up

Pediatric Mobile Clinic


Health disparities exist all around us.

  • They exist for the woman who delivers a preterm baby after complications caused by lack of prenatal care.
  • The Texas farmer whose high blood pressure goes undetected because he can’t drive two hours to the nearest doctor.
  • The young boy suffering asthma attacks due to his parent’s inability to secure transportation to and from doctor appointments.
  • The family affected by diabetes caused by a lack of nutritional food items available at their neighborhood market.

These are different people living in different places and facing different problems. Everyone has the chance to make a difference in the lives of those around them. Each day we make a choice to directly impact others. Help HSC make access to care a reality for those in need. 

Make a choice to end health disparities.

Breaking down the barriers of health disparities requires many different types of programs for all Texans. With focus, determination, and great effort from partners, we can end health disparities.