HSC Financial Aid Other Loans

Emergency Loans

Please see our Forms and Helpful Resources page for application and eligibility.

Alternative/Private Educational Loans

Alternative Student Loans, also called private educational loans, are credit-based student loans offered by private loan companies. HSC cannot recommend lenders.

  • Students are responsible for researching and applying for a private loan through the lender of their choice
  • The Financial Aid Office certifies loans based on other aid awarded and the student’s Cost of Attendance
  • Certificate students applying for Alternative/Private loans will have a budget based on their certificate program and enrollment
  • Interest rates and repayment terms are set by the lender and are often less favorable than government-backed student loans

Residency and Relocation Loan

  • For medical students who are enrolled in their final year of medical school
  • To be used for expenses associated with interviewing, relocating and attending a residency program
  • Students may choose any lender offering this type of loan
  • This is a private loan made directly to the student by a lender and does not require financial aid certification within the Cost of Attendance