HSC at Fort Worth

SBS Animal Imaging Symposium

We have recently teamed up with MR Solutions, a leader in preclinical imaging systems, to acquire the following:
• a 7T Preclinical MR system based on dry magnet technology,
• a floor-standing high-resolution CT system,
• a PET system using clip-on technology to move between the CT and the MR systems,
• and a multi-pinhole SPECT system based on the clip-on technology
The mission of the Preclinical Imaging Core is to facilitate translational research using small animal models to assess normal tissue/organ function, follow disease pathophysiology, and investigate new therapeutic approaches.

Pre-clinical Imaging Core – Research Core Labs (unthsc.edu)

Location: MET 109-111

To Learn more about the event: Not available yet

How to attend this event: They can register at the link provided in the previous question.

Offer continuing education credit? No

Event Contact: Derrick Smith | derrick.smith2@unthsc.edu


Mar 17 2023


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


MET 109 - 111