Academic Seminars

Zheng Dong, Ph.D., Regents Prof, Medical College of Georgia; Will present “Mitochondrial dynamics in cell death: a tale of two membranes”, 5/6/16, 11-12, LIB 110
May 3, 2016

Zheng Dong, Ph.D., Regents Prof., Medical College of Georgia will present “Mitochondrial dynamics in cell death: a tale of two membranes” 5/6/16, 11-12, LIB 110. Synopsis: Mitochondria are highly dynamic organelles that constantly undergoing fission and fusion to maintain their homeostasis. During cell stress, mitochondrial dynamics is shifted to fission, leading to mitochondrial fragmentation, which contributes to cell injury and death. Mitochondrial fragmentation includes the coordinated cleavage of both outer and inner membranes. The cleavage of outer membrane is a combined result of fission activation by Drp1 and fusion arrest mediated by Bak interaction with Mitofusins. The cleavage of inner membrane is triggered by Bif-1, which translocates to mitochondria to interact with PHB2, leading to the disruption of the ?prohibitin ring? to release OMA1 for the proteolysis and inactivation of OPA1, an inner membrane fusion protein.